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A. Option A
B. Option C
C. Option E
D. Option B
E. Option F
F. Option D
Answer: C,D
Carefully observe the information given after command show. Fa0/1 is connected to Switch2, seven MAC addresses correspond to Fa0/1, and these MAC are in different VLAN. From this we know that Fa0/1 is the trunk interface. From the information given by show cdp neighbors we find that there is no Fa0/5 in CDP neighbor. However, F0/5 corresponds to two MAC addresses in the same VLAN. Thus we know that Fa0/5 is connected to a Hub.
Based on the output shown, there are multiple MAC addresses from different VLANs attached to the FastEthernet 0/1 interface. Only trunks are able to pass information from devices in multiple VLANs.

Health Reviewの要件を満たすセキュリティソリューションを推奨する必要があります。
A. dynamic data masking
B. Always Encrypted
C. Transport Layer Security (TLS)
D. row-level security
Answer: B
Must ensure that sensitive health data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
Always Encrypted is a feature designed to protect sensitive data stored in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases. Always Encrypted allows clients to encrypt sensitive data inside client applications and never reveal the encryption keys to the database engine (SQL Database or SQL Server).
Topic 5, Data Engineer for Trey Research
You are a data engineer for Trey Research. The company is close to completing a joint project with the government to build smart highways infrastructure across North America. This involves the placement of sensors and cameras to measure traffic flow, car speed, and vehicle details.
You have been asked to design a cloud solution that will meet the business and technical requirements of the smart highway.
Solution components
Telemetry Capture
The telemetry capture system records each time a vehicle passes in front of a sensor. The sensors run on a custom embedded operating system and record the following telemetry data:
* Time
* Location in latitude and longitude
* Speed in kilometers per hour (kmph)
* Length of vehicle in meters
Visual Monitoring
The visual monitoring system is a network of approximately 1,000 cameras placed near highways that capture images of vehicle traffic every 2 seconds. The cameras record high resolution images. Each image is approximately 3 MB in size.
Requirements: Business
The company identifies the following business requirements:
* External vendors must be able to perform custom analysis of data using machine learning technologies.
* You must display a dashboard on the operations status page that displays the following metrics: telemetry, volume, and processing latency.
* Traffic data must be made available to the Government Planning Department for the purpose of modeling changes to the highway system. The traffic data will be used in conjunction with other data such as information about events such as sporting events, weather conditions, and population statistics. External data used during the modeling is stored in on-premises SQL Server 2016 databases and CSV files stored in an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 storage account.
* Information about vehicles that have been detected as going over the speed limit during the last 30 minutes must be available to law enforcement officers. Several law enforcement organizations may respond to speeding vehicles.
* The solution must allow for searches of vehicle images by license plate to support law enforcement investigations. Searches must be able to be performed using a query language and must support fuzzy searches to compensate for license plate detection errors.
Requirements: Security
The solution must meet the following security requirements:
* External vendors must not have direct access to sensor data or images.
* Images produced by the vehicle monitoring solution must be deleted after one month. You must minimize costs associated with deleting images from the data store.
* Unauthorized usage of data must be detected in real time. Unauthorized usage is determined by looking for unusual usage patterns.
* All changes to Azure resources used by the solution must be recorded and stored. Data must be provided to the security team for incident response purposes.
Requirements: Sensor data
You must write all telemetry data to the closest Azure region. The sensors used for the telemetry capture system have a small amount of memory available and so must write data as quickly as possible to avoid losing telemetry data.

Inside Sales Contact Centerの管理者が、Contact CenterのROIにアクセスしたいと考えています。
A. 通話あたりの費用
B. エージェントあたりの平均キュー時間
C. 登録されたリード数
D. チャネルごとの機会
E. 販売キュー数
Answer: A,C,D

A project manager is working on an assessment project with a tight timeline. What should the project manager do first?
A. Create a questionnaire tor assessor proposals
B. Look for lessons learned from previous, similar projects
C. Appoint assessors and resources.
D. Develop a data-capturing system
Answer: B

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