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You have a 2-node FAS900 cluster with six FC LIFs per node.
In this scenario, which two methods will limit the total number of paths to eight paths per
LUN? (Choose two.)
B. FC switch zoning
C. Port sets
D. FC queue depth
Answer: A,C

What action does FortiSwitch take when it receives a loop guard data packet (LGDP) that was sent by itself?
A. The sending port is shut down.
B. The receiving port is shut down.
C. The sending port is moved to the STP blocking state
D. The receiving port is moved to the STP blocking state.
Answer: A

You work as a Database Administrator (DBA) at
All databases are hosted on Windows Server 2012 servers running SQL Server 2012.
The Sales department uses a database named SalesDB.
SalesDB contains a large table named Orders that lists every order ever received by the company. You want to improve the performance of SalesDB.
You want to configure the database to provide the fastest possible access to the most recent orders.
Historical orders can be stored using a slower storage solution.
How can you achieve this goal?
A. By partitioning a partitioned view of the Orders table.
B. By configuring a failover cluster.
C. By configuring database mirroring.
D. By partitioning the Orders table.
Answer: D

A. アイドルスキャン
B. パケット断片化スキャン
C. おとりスキャン
D. なりすまし送信元アドレスのスキャン
Answer: A
The idle scan could be a communications protocol port scan technique that consists of causing spoofed packets to a pc to seek out out what services square measure obtainable. this can be accomplished by impersonating another pc whose network traffic is extremely slow or nonexistent (that is, not transmission or receiving information). this might be associate idle pc, known as a "zombie".
This action are often done through common code network utilities like nmap and hping. The attack involves causing solid packets to a particular machine target in an attempt to seek out distinct characteristics of another zombie machine. The attack is refined as a result of there's no interaction between the offender pc and also the target: the offender interacts solely with the "zombie" pc.
This exploit functions with 2 functions, as a port scanner and a clerk of sure informatics relationships between machines. The target system interacts with the "zombie" pc and distinction in behavior are often discovered mistreatment totally different|completely different "zombies" with proof of various privileges granted by the target to different computers.
The overall intention behind the idle scan is to "check the port standing whereas remaining utterly invisible to the targeted host." The first step in execution associate idle scan is to seek out associate applicable zombie. It must assign informatics ID packets incrementally on a worldwide (rather than per-host it communicates with) basis. It ought to be idle (hence the scan name), as extraneous traffic can raise its informatics ID sequence, confusing the scan logic. The lower the latency between the offender and also the zombie, and between the zombie and also the target, the quicker the scan can proceed.
Note that once a port is open, IPIDs increment by a pair of. Following is that the sequence:
* offender to focus on -> SYN, target to zombie ->SYN/ACK, Zombie to focus on -> RST (IPID increment by 1)
* currently offender tries to probe zombie for result. offender to Zombie ->SYN/ACK, Zombie to offender
-> RST (IPID increment by 1)
So, during this method IPID increments by a pair of finally.
When associate idle scan is tried, tools (for example nmap) tests the projected zombie and reports any issues with it. If one does not work, attempt another. Enough net hosts square measure vulnerable that zombie candidates are not exhausting to seek out. a standard approach is to easily execute a ping sweep of some network. selecting a network close to your supply address, or close to the target, produces higher results. you'll be able to attempt associate idle scan mistreatment every obtainable host from the ping sweep results till you discover one that works. As usual, it's best to raise permission before mistreatment someone's machines for surprising functions like idle scanning.
Simple network devices typically create nice zombies as a result of {they square measure|they're} normally each underused (idle) and designed with straightforward network stacks that are susceptible to informatics ID traffic detection.
While distinguishing an acceptable zombie takes some initial work, you'll be able to keep re-using the nice ones. as an alternative, there are some analysis on utilizing unplanned public internet services as zombie hosts to perform similar idle scans. leverage the approach a number of these services perform departing connections upon user submissions will function some quite poor's man idle scanning.

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With your subscription of The VMware-ACP Exam Simulator you not only get all the premium features (i.e. use the simulator on your phone/tablet/PC, Live Feedback™, detailed explanations, access the simulator anytime from anywhere, etc.). But you will also get the following VMware-ACP Simulator specific features:

480 VMware-ACP Exam Sample Questions

Your subscription gives you access to a pool with 480 high-quality sample questions. All developed to the latest VMware-ACP requirements.

The questions not only cover every exam domain that you are being tested on (Agile Principles and Mindset, Value-driven Delivery, Stakeholder Engagement, Team Performance, Adaptive Planning, Problem Detection and Resolution, and Continuous Improvement), but the questions also cover the Tools & Techniques and Knowledge & Skills that you need to know in order to pass.

Four Complete Exams

On the real VMware-ACP Exam you are given 3 hours to answer all 120 questions. Any simulator that you use must test you under the same conditions.

So we packaged the 480 questions into 4 full exams for you. We made sure to group them in such a way that the 120 questions in each exam closely match the domain percentages on the real exam. For example: 16% of the questions in each of the four exams will be coming from "Domain I: Agile Principles and Mindsets", 20% come from "Domain II: Value-driven Delivery", and so on.

Questions Developed by Agile Team

The 120 questions that you will see on your actual VMware-ACP exam are developed by a very large number of certified volunteers from around the world. These volunteers create the newest questions meeting official exam requirements and standards -- but each creator adds their personal "touch". So you'll have to expect variation.

That's what makes these exams difficult and ever changing.

The good news is that the questions you will see in your simulator are similarly developed. We brought on a worldwide team of VMware-ACP credential holders and asked them to develop our question pool. We wanted to ensure a lot of variety in the questions for you.

Updated to current VMware-ACP Exam Content Outline

The VMware-ACP Exam is constantly evolving because Agile doesn't stand still and new questions and concepts are added. Your Exam Simulator follows along.

Because the exam is constantly updated this means that you can be certain that the questions match the current policies, as we review and update all questions to the latest VMware-ACP Examination Content Outline -- that's the document that defines all the Domains you will be tested on.

Also, we regularly scan lessons learned our students post in the forum to identify new trends and use this information to develop new questions for the simulator and remove old ones.

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Bonus Items

The VMware-ACP Exam Simulator™ also includes a number of free bonus items to help you tackle the exam even better. Here they are:


Advanced VMware® Exam Strategies (Email Course)

In this 5-part email course we introduce you in detail to the all-important multiple choice test taking strategies for VMware® Exams. We review the types of questions that you must expect and be ready to answer on the real exam, tell you how to develop your own strategy for approaching this multi-hour long exam, and give you the steps necessary as you are getting ready to leave home to take the exam on exam day.


Sample Exam Score Worksheet

The Exam Score Worksheet allows you to keep track of how many questions you answer correctly in your practice exams. Just note the results of all your first attempts of taking practice exam in here to see how you are doing.

This spreadsheet gives you an efficient way of seeing your progress as you are taking your sample exams, and allows you to monitor how you improve over time.


Contact Hour Worksheet

Before you can submit your VMware-ACP Exam application to VMware® you must complete training in agile project management. The institute calls these "Contact Hours" and 21 Contact Hours are needed for VMware-ACP.

Do you have enough?

This worksheet not only helps you to tally the hours and ensure that you meet the requirements, it also includes a substantial FAQ section that explains everything you need to know about Contact Hours in easy to understand language.


Access to our Online Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had an Agile question that you could go and ask a trusted source? Maybe someone who knows Agile and has already taken the exam themselves? Or maybe another person who is currently studying?

That is what our exam forums are for. All students have access to these forums to discuss and learn from each other.

But even more importantly, we have 12 certified project managers who act as moderators in these forums. So go ahead... ask your question. You can be sure that your fellow students or a certified moderator will help you quickly.

The forums also include a "VMware-ACP Lessons Learned" forum, where those who have passed the exam before you discuss their experience and give recommendations.

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