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Spring 11のアクティビティの添付ファイルの拡張機能はどれですか?
A. 既存の組織は、関連ページをアクティビティページレイアウトに手動で追加する必要があります。
B. 既存の組織の場合、添付ファイル関連リストがタスクとイベントのレコードに自動的に追加されるようになりました。
C. 新しい組織の場合、添付ファイル関連リストがタスクとイベントのレコードに自動的に追加されるようになりました。
D. 添付ファイルでタスクとイベントを検索できるようになりました。
E. 以前とは異なり、HTML添付ファイルは常に使用可能であり、禁止できなくなりました。
Answer: A,C,D

Here my friend, about whose madness I now saw, or fancied that I saw, certain indications of method,
removed the peg which marked the spot where the beetle fell, to a spot about three inches to the
westward of its former position. Taking, now, the tape measure from the nearest point of the trunk to the
peg, as before, and continuing the extension in a straight line to the distance of fifty feet, a spot was
indicated, removed, by several yards, from the point at which we had been digging.
Around the new position a circle, somewhat larger than in the former instance, was now described, and
we again set to work with the spades. I was dreadfully weary, but, scarcely understanding what had
occasioned the change in my thoughts, I felt no longer any great aversion from the labor imposed. I had
become most unaccountably interested--nay, even excited. Perhaps there was something, amid all the
extravagant demeanor of Legrand--some air of forethought, or of deliberation, which impressed me. I dug
eagerly, and now and then caught myself actually looking, with something that very much resembled
expectation, for the fancied treasure, the vision of which had demented my unfortunate companion. At a
period when such vagaries of thought most fully possessed me, and when we had been at work perhaps
an hour and a half, we were again interrupted by the violent howlings of the dog. His uneasiness, in the
first instance, had been, evidently, but the result of playfulness or caprice, but he now assumed a bitter
and serious tone. Upon Jupiter's again attempting to muzzle him, he made furious resistance, and,
leaping into the hole, tore up the mould frantically with his claws. In a few seconds he had uncovered a
mass of human bones, forming two complete skeletons, intermingled with several buttons of metal, and
what appeared to be the dust of decayed woolen. One or two strokes of a spade upturned the blade of a
large Spanish knife, and, as we dug farther, three or four loose pieces of gold and silver coin came to
At sight of these the joy of Jupiter could scarcely be restrained, but the countenance of his master wore an
air of extreme disappointment he urged us, however, to continue our exertions, and the words were hardly
uttered when I stumbled and fell forward, having caught the toe of my boot in a large ring of iron that lay
half buried in the loose earth.
We now worked in earnest, and never did I pass ten minutes of more intense excitement. During his
interval we had fairly unearthed an oblong chest of wood, which, from its perfect preservation and
wonderful hardness, had plainly been subjected to some mineralizing process--perhaps that of the
Bi-chloride of Mercury. This box was three feet and a half long, three feet broad, and two and a half feet
deep. It was firmly secured by bands of wrought iron, riveted, and forming a kind of open trelliswork over
the whole. On each side of the chest, near the top, were three rings of iron--six in all--by means of which a
firm hold could be obtained by six persons. Our utmost united endeavors served only to disturb the coffer
very slightly in its bed. We at once saw the impossibility of removing so great a weight. Luckily, the sole
fastenings of the lid consisted of two sliding bolts. These we drew back trembling and panting with anxiety.
In an instant, a treasure of incalculable value lay gleaming before us. As the rays of the lanterns fell within
the pit, there flashed upwards a glow and a glare, from a confused heap of gold and of jewels, that
absolutely dazzled our eyes.
I shall not pretend to describe the feelings with which I gazed. Amazement was, of course, predominant.
Legrand appeared exhausted with excitement, and spoke very few words. Jupiter's countenance wore, for
some minutes, as deadly a pallor as it is possible, in nature of things, for any negro's visage to assume.
He seemed stupefied thunderstricken. Presently he fell upon his knees in the pit, and, burying his naked
arms up to the elbows in gold, let them there remain, as if enjoying the luxury of a bath.
It became necessary, at last, that I should arouse both master and valet to the expediency of removing the
treasure. It was growing late, and it behooved us to make exertion, that we might get every thing housed
before daylight. It was difficult to say what should be done, and much time was spent in deliberation--so
confused were the ideas of all. We, finally, lightened the box by removing two thirds of its contents, when
we were enabled, with some trouble, to raise it from the hole. The articles taken out were deposited
among the brambles, and the dog left to guard them, with strict orders from Jupiter neither, upon any
pretence, to stir from the spot, nor to open his mouth until our return.
Which selection represents the best alternative title for this passage?
A. Almost Unfound
B. From Madness to Millionaires
C. Where There are Pieces, There is More
D. From Here to There
E. Never Give Up--Never Give In
Answer: B
Given the opening paragraph describing the previous madness and the conclusion in becoming
millionaires, "From Madness to Millionaires," is the best fit.

Which of the following RF behaviors would MOST likely be seen because of heavy snow?
A. Absorption
B. Diffraction
C. Mirroring
D. Refraction
Answer: A

A large company has increased its utilization of AWS over time in an unmanaged way. As such, they have a large number of independent AWS accounts across different business units, projects, and environments. The company has created a Cloud Center of Excellence team, which is responsible for managing all aspects of the AWS Cloud, including their AWS accounts.
Which of the following should the Cloud Center of Excellence team do to BEST address their requirements in a centralized way? (Select two.)
A. Tag all AWS resources with details about the business unit, project, and environment. Send all AWS Cost and Usage reports to a central Amazon S3 bucket, and use tools such as Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight to collect billing details by business unit.
B. Use the AWS Marketplace to choose and deploy a Cost Management tool. Tag all AWS resources with details about the business unit, project, and environment. Send all AWS Cost and Usage reports for the AWS accounts to this tool for analysis.
C. Set up AWS Organizations. Enable consolidated billing, and link all existing AWS accounts to a master billing account. Tag all AWS resources with details about the business unit, project and environment. Analyze Cost and Usage reports using tools such as Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight to collect billing details by business unit.
D. Using a master AWS account, create IAM users within the master account. Define IAM roles in the other AWS accounts, which cover each of the required functions in the account. Follow the policy of least privilege in assigning permissions to each role, then enable the IAM users to assume the roles that they need to use.
E. Control all AWS account root user credentials. Assign AWS IAM users in the account of each user who needs to access AWS resources. Follow the policy of least privilege in assigning permissions to each user.
Answer: C,D

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