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So you must have a clear understanding of the test syllabus of the 300-510 study materials, Users do not need to spend too much time on 300-510 questions torrent, only need to use their time pieces for efficient learning, the cost is about 20 to 30 hours, users can easily master the test key and difficulties of questions and answers of 300-510 prep guide.

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General Overview
You are the Senior Database Administrator (DBA) for a software development company named Leafield
Solutions. The company develops software applications custom designed to meet customer requirements.
Requirements Leafield Solutions has been asked by a customer to develop a web-based Enterprise
Resource Planning and Management application. The new application will eventually replace a desktop
application that the customer is currently using. The current application will remain in use while the users
are trained to use the new webbased application.
You need to design the SQL Server and database infrastructure for the web-based application.
You plan to implement databases named Customers, Sales, Products, Current_Inventory, and
The Sales database contains a table named OrderTotals and a table named SalesInfo.
A stored procedure named SPUpdateSalesInfo reads data in the OrderTotals table and modifies data in
the SalesInfo table.
The stored procedure then reads data in the OrderTotals table a second time and makes further changes
to the information in the SalesInfo table.
The Current_Inventory database contains a large table named Inv_Current. The Inv_Current table has a
clustered index for the primary key and a nonclustered index. The primary key column uses the identity
The data in the Inv_Current table is over 120GB in size. The tables in the Current_Inventory database are
accessed by multiple queries in the Sales database.
Another table in the Current_Inventory database contains a self-join with an unlimited number of
hierarchies. This table is modified by a stored procedure named SPUpdate2.
An external application named ExternalApp1 will periodically query the Current_Inventory database to
generate statistical information. The TempReporting database contains a single table named GenInfo.
A stored procedure named SPUPdateGenInfo combines data from multiple databases and generates
millions of rows of data in the GenInfo table.
The GenInfo table is used for reports.
When the information in GenInfo is generated, a reporting process reads data from the Inv_Current table
and queries information in the GenInfo table based on that data.
The GenInfo table is deleted after the reporting process completes. The Products database contains tables
named ProductNames and ProductTypes.
Current System
The current desktop application uses data stored in a SQL Server 2005 database named
DesABCopAppDB. This database will remain online and data from the Current_Inventory database will be
copied to it as soon as data is changed in the Current_Inventory database.
SQL Servers
A new SQL Server 2012 instance will be deployed to host the databases for the new system. The
databases will be hosted on a Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides highly available storage.
Design Requirements
Your SQL Server infrastructure and database design must meet the following requirements:
Confidential information in the Current_ Inventory database that is accessed by ExternalApp1 must be

securely stored.
Direct access to database tables by developers or applications must be denied.

The account used to generate reports must have restrictions on the hours when it is allowed to make a

Deadlocks must be analyzed with the use of Deadlock Graphs.

In the event of a SQL Server failure, the databases must remain available.

Software licensing and database storage costs must be minimized.

Development effort must be minimized.

The Tempdb databases must be monitored for insufficient free space.

Failed authentication requests must be logged.

Every time a new row is added to the ProductTypes table in the Products database, a user defined

function that validates the row must be called before the row is added to the table.
When SPUpdateSalesInfo queries data in the OrderTotals table the first time, the same rows must be

returned along with any newly added rows when SPUpdateSalesInfo queries data in the OrderTotals
table the second time.
You need to enable users to modify data in the database tables using UPDATE operations.
You need to implement a solution that meets the design requirements.
What should you configure?
A. You should configure functions that use the EXECUTE AS statement.
B. You should configure a server role.
C. You should configure a database role.
D. You should configure stored procedures that use the EXECUTE AS statement.
Answer: D

Which PRINCE2 role has a specific responsibility for referring to the Project Board if any delegated limits of authority or allocated change budget are forecast to be exceeded?
A. Team Manager
B. Project Manager
C. Project Assurance
D. Change Authority
Answer: D

You have a server named Server1 that has Exchange Server 2013 installed.
Users access their mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Outlook Web App.
You enable auditing for all of the mailboxes.
You need to identify when a mailbox is accessed by someone other than the owner of the
What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a
complete solution. Choose two.)
A. Export the administrator audit log.
B. Export the mailbox audit log.
C. Review the security event log.
D. Run a non-owner mailbox access report.
E. Run an administrator role group report.
Answer: B,D
C: Use the Auditing tab to run reports or export entries from the mailbox audit
log and the administrator audit log.
/ The mailbox audit log records whenever a mailbox is accessed by someone other than
the person who owns the mailbox. This can help you determine who has accessed a
mailbox and what they have done.
/ The administrator audit log records any action, based on a Windows PowerShell cmdlet,
performed by an administrator. This can help you troubleshoot configuration issues or
identify the cause of security- or compliance-related problems.
D: Run a Non-Owner Mailbox Access Report Use this report to find mailboxes that have been accessed by someone other than the person who owns the mailbox.

A ruleset for validating the content of a message including cross-field validation and business range checking is ready to be integrated into an architecture with only a JVM container. The application must have the capability of providing to and removing from working memory any number of objects without resetting the rule session. Which execution approach should the application developer choose for this application integration?
A. Java SE with stateful rule session
B. POJO with stateful rule session
C. POJO with stateless rule session
D. Java SE with stateless rule session
Answer: A

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This worksheet not only helps you to tally the hours and ensure that you meet the requirements, it also includes a substantial FAQ section that explains everything you need to know about Contact Hours in easy to understand language.


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